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Registration at K28 for amazing benefits!

  1. Click the <Register> button
  2. Fill in personal details
  3. Click the <Send OTP> to receive OTP
  4. Fill in the OTP received in SMS
  5. Register Successfully!
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Complete your first deposit to win!

  1. Add bank details (one time only)
  2. Select Payment Method & Fill in deposit details
  3. Make deposit
  4. Done deposit and start playing!
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Play, Win, and Withdrawal!

  1. Select Withdrawal at transaction page
  2. Transfer all balance to main wallet
  3. Enter withdrawal amount
  4. Withdrawal Successful! Wait for verify & approval
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Redeem Promotion to maximize winning!

  1. Make a Deposit
  2. Select Promotion
  3. Submit Deposit
  4. Get bonus to play!
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